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“We believe that small acts of kindness make a big impact.” InvestED helps bridge the gap between what families can afford, what schools can support, and what students urgently need. We help low-income students across Washington “Get to School, Engage in School, and Graduate”. We partner with almost 700 secondary schools to support nearly 25,000 students each year. By 2024, our goal is to help at least 50,000 kids each year. This is an ambitious goal, but no less urgent given the range of challenges and barriers that students face every day. Please join this effort to support kids in your local community. Together, we can help “Bridge the Gap”. Visit for more info.

Donations are applied to...

Each year, InvestED provides urgent funds to students from your community. When a teacher, counselor, coach – or any staff – see a student who has a need, they are able to tap into InvestED funding to provide an immediate and discreet solution. A warm coat, testing fees, track shoes, band uniforms, ASB cards, art supplies, hygiene kits, prom dresses, tutors, or medical exams for participation in athletic programs…the list is long. No matter what the need, our funds make a BIG IMPACT, at LITTLE COST, with NO FUSS. Support your school’s campaign today to double the impact on your community! See 50 Ways InvestED Supports Students.

InvestED fundraiser for Lincoln High School - Walla Walla

Students in your community need help.

Please support students in our community by donating to our campaign. We are partnering with InvestED, a statewide nonprofit, to help meet the basic and academic needs of our most vulnerable students. Funds raised will support promising young people who are experiencing hardships beyond their control.

Thank you for supporting our campaign and being a valued partner to our students and broader community. Learn more.

(All donations are tax-deductible and acknowledgment letters will be provided to you directly by InvestED). InvestED is a 501(c)(3) organization. Tax ID: 23-7189670. Contact them for more information.

Why are donations necessary?

A family’s income should not be a barrier to a student’s ability to reach his/her full potential. Athletic cleats, tutors, and college application fees can be unattainable luxuries for students and families who struggle day-to-day. Yet these items, and others, are often requirements for students to fully engage in school-based and extracurricular activities. Without financial support from InvestED and community support, from people like you, many children lack access to enriching activities or supports that promote their academic achievement and personal growth. Donate today and help spread the word to your family and friends. These are your kids and they need your help. Every contribution makes a big impact.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!