Real Life Student Stories

Words from the students 

and schools we support.

LAPTOP CHARGER GAVE HIM A BOOST  "This particular student came to us as a 7th grader, he struggled his first year in some classes but remained determined to get good grades. This school year, as an 8th grader, he wrapped up first semester with A’s & B’s. Still determined to get straight A’s, office staff encouraged him and told him he could do it. He didn’t miss a day of school, refused early dismissal from his parents because he couldn’t miss out on anything in class. He then achieved his goal he got straight A’s! Soon after he misplaced his laptop charger, panicked that he wouldn’t be able to check his grades, or access his schoolwork, InvestED saved the day. Fully charged and riding out the straight A’s to the end" 

- Jr. High School Counselor

A KICKSTART TO BASEBALL SEASON  "He is a 7th-grade student here who turned out for baseball this year. He lives with his dad and sister. Due to his dad’s work schedule, it was a challenge for him to get registered and purchase the gear he needed. He wasn’t able to go to practice until these things were done. He hung in there and still had his enthusiasm to turn out even though he couldn’t join practice until two weeks into the season. Thanks to InvestED, we were able to get him outfitted with a baseball glove, cleats, and hat and were also able to purchase his ASB and athletic fee that is required to play sports. He is a great student with a great attitude. He definitely enjoyed his time on the baseball field this year and looks forward to turning out again." - High School Coordinator

A PROUD GRADUATE "We are an alternative high school. We had a student that was diligent to obtain her diploma. With life circumstances, her mother and she were both out of work. When it came time to graduate, she had the classes (credits) to be able to obtain her diploma but had fees she could not pay. Without having money to pay for her fees she would not be able to receive her diploma or walk with her class. InvestED gave her the resources to be able to walk with pride and receive her diploma, she says, “Thank you InvestED”.  - High School Coordinator

THANKFUL STUDENT  "This student loved P.E. and looked forward to it every day. Unfortunately, they grew out of their shoes and knew their parents could not afford new ones. Thankfully, we were able to purchase new shoes for the student using our InvestED money. The student is very proud of their new shoes and has been doing their very best to take care of their new shoes."  - High School Student

GROCERIES DURING A TRYING TIME  "We have several students in our district that are being raised by a grandparent, most of them on limited income. Being able to help with groceries during this time was so appreciated by this particular student and her Grandma. Our Principal delivered a box of groceries to this particular family and was met at the door by Grandma who was very touched by the gesture and when she saw the box exclaimed how he was "spoiling her Grandkids" with a smirk on her face. Made his day and ours. We love being able to help our community and families when we can and appreciate all that InvestED has done, especially during this trying time. Thank you!"  -  High School Coordinator

A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT   "In mid-October, we accepted a Choice Transfer Request from another district in the county for a student who had recently moved into the area to escape a homeless situation. After just a few days of attendance, our counseling department and secondary administrators knew this student would succeed. Between taking courses at the high school, and also enrolling in numerous online courses, this hard-working 11th-grader managed to also work part-time, all while achieving enough credits and meeting requirements to graduate with the Class of 2023! We happily were able to use InvestED funds to help with the cost of graduation needs and allow this student a well-deserved send-off!" - High School Coordinator

FUNDS DRIVE STUDENT TO GRADUATE "One of our seniors came to us this year completely unengaged from school, due to relentless housing instability and mental health struggles. One major hurdle for them was getting to and from campus, especially with gas prices soaring. While most McKinney-Vento students receive district transportation, this student was ineligible because of the distance and transient nature of their dwelling. With InvestED funds, we were able to fill the student’s car with gas regularly the last few months of school so they could attend school, receive support, and ultimately: graduate. On Friday, they walked across our graduation stage and received their high school diploma with tears streaming and a huge smile beaming. InvestED funds are flexible and help us meet needs like this that school money simply cannot be used for. InvestED helps us capitalize on the motivation and drive of our students, so that no students’ difficult circumstances prevent them from graduating."   - High School Coordinator

LAP DESK = ACADEMIC PROGRESS "InvestED funds were used to purchase a lap desk for one of our students. This had a very positive impact on his academic progress. His family has a tough living situation and he didn’t have space for a desk and they also didn’t have a dining table where he could work. He was having to find creative places to do his school work, like outside, or at times he was unable to finish his work. His grades became impacted by this lack of a workspace. With InvestED’s assistance, our student was provided a lap desk, which gave him a dedicated space to work on his school work. He was so incredibly grateful when we gave it to him that he had tears in his eyes. His grades greatly improved due to this purchase. "   - Middle School Coordinator

FUNDING BRINGS PEACE OF MIND   "I was overwhelmed to learn from the librarian that InvestED funds paid for my lost book. I was grateful for InvestED helping studentS in need like me. My family and I are unable to pay for the book. Now, I can start my freshman year in high school in peace.!"  -  Jr. High School Student

CONFIDENCE GAINED  "The confidence that comes with new clothing and shoes has the power to change your perspective. The majority of students here come from households that struggle financially. InvestED has been able to support the basic needs of clothing and shoes. One of our students specifically moved to the Yakima area with very little, one pair of slides and some worn-out shorts and t-shirts. His mother is very supportive but has not been able to maintain a job since moving to the area. The family does the best they can and have never asked specifically for anything. With the InvestED funds, we were able to get this student new undergarments, clothes, and a pair of shoes. He was very excited to receive new items and reported that he has never had his own bottle of shampoo and body wash. He now comes to school wearing button-up shirts and presents confidently. He has made friends and academically he is very successful. He no longer tries to avoid school, but enters the school with confidence and a smile!."   -  High School Coordinator

WARM COAT, SIGNIFICANT IMPACT "We have very cold winters here. Many of our students do not have adequate outerwear. Our student was freezing before school and after school, and during lunch recess. She did not complain but was really struggling with being outside. By providing her with a coat, we saw a huge physical need being met and saw a big shift in self-esteem and attendance. These funds had a significant impact on this student's life" - High School Coordinator

EQUIPED TO SUCCEED  "This student was new to school. It was difficult to meet friends as an 8th grader as many friendships have already been created in 6th and 7th grade. He had played on many basketball teams and had a desire to play again. However, family funds did not allow for basketball fees, insurance or a uniform. Additionally, he did not have proper eye wear. InvestED funds were used to purchase glasses, sports physical, shoes and uniform. he was now able to build relationships and connections with others on the team which will continue on through high school.!"  - Middle School Coordinator

PARTICIPATION LEADS TO CAREER OPPORTUNITY "InvestED funds allowed one of our students the resources to participate in construction and welding classes. This ultimately piqued her interest in the trade industry. She would move on to compete in local and regional welding competitions and is now looking at a career in the welding industry, working through our local union to create apprenticeship opportunities."   - Senior High School Coordinator

FINANCIAL BURDEN EASED "One of our students is very well loved and very hard working. He is active in sports and gets along great with everyone. He does well in school, putting in extra effort by going to our after-school study club. Recently, one of his parents became critically ill and now needs extensive medical treatment. Using InvestED money to pay for band fees and field trip costs will ease the financial burden on this family and be one less thing they have to worry about. When a family is faced with life altering setbacks, Middle School fees are the last thing on their mind."   - Middle School Coordinator

THEY CARED "Receiving InvestED's support really helped me a lot. I don’t have to ask people I don’t know to help me. The school gave me the help I needed because they care about me. This is one less thing I have to worry about. I accomplished a goal that I didn't think was possible. The cap and gown made me happy and my family happy. Now that I have a cap and gown I can now graduate and be a successful person." - High School Student