Real Life Student Stories

Words from the students and schools we support

GIVING BACK, WITH GRATITUDE "A student at our school really struggled financially. InvestED stepped in  all four years and paid for any fees associated with this student's academic success. He was so appreciative of the support that the school and InvestED provided, that when he graduated and got a job after school, he advocated to his manager that he should donate food to the school's food pantry. The manager agreed and for several years, he would deliver food back to the students. He said it was his way of giving back to those that supported him. He no longer lives in Washington state, but is now a career military professional." - High School Counselor

MEALS MADE A DIFFERENCE  "Based on the students who are enrolled in our school, we qualify for the free and reduced lunch. Around 80% of our students at the Southwest campus are from low socio-economic status. A Junior male who played sports came to school daily, very hungry, and not of the mindset to learn. Often meals were provided for him and others to help rid them of hunger pangs and to support their learning. The InvestED funds allowed us to purchase food and gift cards where he, in particular, was given the opportunity to receive occasional breakfast/lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day. In addition to these fulfilling meals, we were also able to provide light meals to him during various school functions or special events. The funds have made a great impact because it positively supported his academic progress. Not only did his ability to concentrate get better, thereby helping his credits increase, but his attendance improved as well. On many occasions the food we were able to provide to him, was the only real, healthy food he got throughout the day. I can recall many times when he thanked us and said how grateful he was for the hot meals or snacks we provided to him at school."   - High School Coordinator

HOMELESS TO HOPEFUL  "We have a large middle school and it is easy for a student to get lost in the shuffle, but we noticed this student. He ended up being homeless and had very little and wasn't attending school much. He expressed any new or used clothing or shoes would be very helpful. Because we were able to purchase clothing and shoes for him, his hopelessness turned into better attendance and he connected with others at school. He was very grateful and appreciative and now wears the biggest smile."   - Jr. High School Coordinator

THANKFUL STUDENT  "Thank you. My family and I are homeless and I broke my glasses. I am a senior and really need them. We did not have money for new ones. Thank you for helping."   - Jr. High School Student

GROCERIES DURING A TRYING TIME  "We have several students in our district that are being raised by a grandparent, most of them on limited income. Being able to help with groceries during this time was so appreciated by this particular student and her Grandma. Our Principal delivered a box of groceries to this particular family and was met at the door by Grandma who was very touched by the gesture and when she saw the box exclaimed how he was "spoiling her Grandkids" with a smirk on her face. Made his day and ours. We love being able to help our community and families when we can and appreciate all that InvestED has done, especially during this trying time. Thank you!"  -  High School Coordinator

A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT   "This story is not about just one student. It is about many seniors who had to figure out what it meant to graduate alone in their homes. Some didn't even have homes or lived with other families or just barely making it by. With parents AND students out of work the thought of graduating seemed pointless. However, when the school was able to offer many of the students who were in economic hardship during this pandemic a cap and gown, there seemed to be a glimmer of hope. Students were able to put on their cap and gown on that night, and felt a sense of accomplishment and connectivity that they haven't been able to feel since February. It was this fund that made this possible for our community and our seniors."  -  High School Coordinator

NO MORE DUCT TAPE   "When I saw the layer of duct tape around the arch of his shoe, I knew it was time. In my opinion, a good pair of shoes is not only good for the whole body, but also the spirit. One of my life's simple pleasures is to sit down with a student in need and shop online for a pair of shoes of their choosing. You can see the difference in the way they carry themselves the first time they walk out with them on their feet. This particular pair helped this young man turn out for basketball, which in turn had a positive influence on his grades."   -  Junior/Senior High School Coordinator

BRIGHT FUTURE   "InvestED funds have consistently supported one of our families, as they have three students in our feeder pattern. I am fortunate to work with their oldest, and she is an AMAZING young woman. She has aspirations to become a pediatrician. InvestED funds have helped her pay for lab fees to support her future endeavors in science."   -  High School Coordinator

CELEBRATING A MILESTONE   "This young man has overcome many obstacles to make it to the finish line and graduate high school. At the beginning of the year is when seniors start making plans for their picture that will be in the annual. He knew the only pictures that would be taken of him were at school and wanted to purchase some to have for graduation come spring. Along came spring and COVID-19, he made it despite many obstacles not faced by the average student, and needed help to get his cap and gown; a basic rite of passage to celebrate a significant milestone! This allowed him to participate in a drive through graduation and look like his classmates on a very special day!"   -  High School Coordinator

A SENSE OF PURPOSE   "There was a new student from a different county.  She was alone, with no friends and didn’t feel she belonged. Her dad was unemployed, and she was constantly in the nurse's office with an upset stomach, probably because of anxiety in and outside of school. With the help from counselors and InvestED funds, we were able to pay for bowling fees and got her engaged with the team. That small act changed her life that year. She found new friends, was accepted and wanted to show up to school and work hard each day because she was engaged in outside activities that gave her purpose."   -  High School Coordinator

ONE LESS COVID CHALLENGE  "Our student lives in a very small apartment with many siblings. During COVID this student was working hard to study at home, but there were constant interruptions, constant family arguments, and constant distractions. With InvestED funds we purchased noise canceling headphones. The headphones helped the student to re-engage in communication and academics."  - High School Coordinator

HE CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW  "He came to me complaining of headaches. His teachers complained of him taking longer to read the board, reading directions on tests and just completing class assignments during class time. I passed this info on to our school nurse, thinking a vision test might be in order. He came in, performed the vision test, and sure enough, he was a candidate for glasses. When we told him this, he said that his vision was fine, and that no glasses are needed. We contacted his mother who then told us that he knew that affording glasses would be a financial hardship for his family. We told her that we could help with financial assistance from InvestED. She graciously accepted and he got his new glasses! He came into the office, proudly wearing his new eyewear and exclaimed, "I can see clearly now!" His participation has skyrocketed, he is able to keep up with the class, and his grades are significantly improved! He and his mother would like me to tell the folks at InvestED, "THANK YOU!"  - High School Coordinator

 A PASSION REALIZED  "When this student started band in the 6th grade, he fell in love with the saxophone. Any chance he gets, he will play his sax. Before school starts in the morning he plays in the school courtyard. After school , you can hear him playing outside the library. He just can't get enough! Thanks to InvestED, his band fees were paid so that he could continue to improve his skill with his new found passion."   -  Middle High School Coordinator

FEES PAID, CONFIDENCE RESTORED   "This year I started out behind in credits and a bit depressed. InvestED funds were used to purchase an ASB card, pay my Future Farmers of America fees and my SAT fees. This investment gave me the confidence I needed to be more involved in school and excited to complete my high school credits and graduate. I did it!"        -  Jr./Sr. High School Student

SHE CAN FURTHER HER EDUCATION  "The COVID outbreak has created hardships for this student and she would not have been able to take her AP Tests without the help of InvestED funds. This has allowed her to further her education beyond the high school level."   -  Senior High School Coordinator