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Engage in School, 

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We believe in Small Acts of Kindness

InvestED provides funding to almost 700 secondary schools all across Washington State. Our mission is to help children from low-income families and communities Get to School, Engage in School, and Graduate.  

With support from generous donors and partners, we help bridge the gap between what families can afford, what schools can support, and what students urgently need to achieve. 

Each year, public schools and educators use our funds to cover students' costs for college application fees, shoes, ASB cards, athletic equipment, nutritional health, remote learning support, and more. Little things that make a big difference in a child's life. 

We need your help! Learn more about InvestED's impact and how you can get involved.




Students Impacted 




In Direct Student Support


MEALS MADE A DIFFERENCE   Based on the students who are enrolled in our school, we qualify for the free and reduced lunch. Around 80% of our students at the Southwest campus are from low socio-economic status. A Junior male who played sports came to school daily, very hungry, and not of the mindset to learn. Often meals were provided for him and others to help



Every gift makes a big impact on local students. 100% of donations that schools receive are used on students. We have multiple giving opportunities that can be tailored to help fulfill your philanthropic goals! Just get in touch.



We provide middle and high schools with funds to assist promising young people. Plus, we’ll give schools with tools to boost fundraising in local communities. Join nearly 700 secondary schools across Washington and partner with InvestED! 



We provide flexible opportunities to help small businesses and corporations support students. Why not host a branded campaign or designate gifts to specific school(s)?  Why not host an employee match campaign, sponsoring our Annual Gala & Auction, or form a longer-term strategic partnership?  Have an idea? We’re happy to work with you to find the right opportunity to make an impact!


It’s a Win-Win. Support your team and local students!

During the 2021-2022 school year, we helped 116,000 students from low-income families and communities Get to School, Engage in School, and Graduate.   

For every Seattle Seahawks license plate sold or renewed, 75% of the specialized plate fee goes to InvestED, directly helping students in need throughout Washington State. Your contribution helps pay for items and opportunities with things like athletic fees, musical instruments, college entrance exams and graduation expenses. 

Thank you Seattle Seahawks and all the 12’s!