When you purchase a Seahawks license plate, 

75% of the plate fee supports students in need.


InvestED has a unique partnership with the Seattle Seahawks. Our organization receives 75% of the specialized plate fee from the sale and renewal of Seahawks license plates! This is one of the most popular and the fastest selling new specialized plates! Every single dollar that InvestED receives from the Department of Licensing goes to our partner schools. Buying Seahawks plates is a win-win for students who need help with athletic fees, musical instrument rentals, college application fees, graduation expenses and much more. We are proud of our partnership with the Seattle Seahawks! Together we are helping students throughout the state of Washington! Thank you Seattle Seahawks!

Partnership Impact


12,000 Seahawks license plate holders in the state                                                


75% of the specialized plate fee goes to InvestED, directly helping students in need.

Find the InvestED team at Training Camp and Touchdown City before games!


Step 1

Head to the DOL to purchase a Seahawks license plate and show your support for the Seahawks and students! You can even personalize your plates.

Step 2

Your new Seahawks plate will be sent to you to show off proudly!

Step 3

InvestED receives 75% of the specialized license plate fee to help secondary students throughout Washington State.

Step 4

Schools receive funds to support their students who need assistance. Your license plate fees go directly to helping students get to school, engage in school, and graduate!

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