From Visitation School

Visitation Catholic School is located in a lower-middle class neighborhood. Every year, we work hard to make ends meet. At the same time, we have a long history of making Catholic education affordable for families who cannot afford the entire cost. We are blessed by the many generous supporters, such as G. InvestED, who help us stretch every dollar to its fullest extent.
As we look at the families we have helped this year using InvestED Funds, there is one particular family that sticks out. This young family has several children in our school. A couple years ago the father was laid off from his job. The mother works two part-time jobs. Wanting to make a better life for his family, the father decided to take advantage of the opportunity presented to him and returned to school to become a certified computer technician. By the time he graduates, he will be highly employable. However, as you can imagine, finances have been very tight during these two years. It is obvious that their children and their children's education are a priority to this family. During these last two years, Visitation has been able to offer them tuition assistance. We have used InvestED to assist them with some of their other school-related expenses, such as school photos. They are extremely grateful for the help they have received and show their appreciation by spending countless hours at the school volunteering. The mother is very active in our Parent Teacher Organization, volunteering to lead community builders and staff appreciation events. The father makes his technology expertise available to our school and individual classroom teachers. Truly, InvestED allows us to assist our families in ways they could never imagine.
[This story is included in the first edition of InvestED's book: Inspiring Dreams, Actions Generosity (2007).]